The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Lights and More
Decorations can
be earthy
elements of
nature, or cool
reflections of
mirrors, glossy
satins, and icy
crystal.  Elements
of light and
darkness can be
maximized to
highlight the head
table, the dance
floor, the entrance,
a runway or a
Lights, whether natural or
man-made, create a mood
and are essential to bring
out the simple beauty in
any event at The Red Fern.  
The wall of windows
allows natural lighting to
stream in, and the unique
light fixtures complement
the rustic feeling of the
impressive wood
construction of the hall and
bring out the shine of the
hardwood dance floor.  
Candles or twinkle lights
can be added to provide
sparkle to late afternoon or
evening gatherings,
leaving guests
remembering your special
event long after the day is
The photos below highlight the effects of uplighting in the main hall.  In this case, purple lights (brought in by a disc jockey) placed
strategically along the walls cast a soft glow on pillars and the ceiling during a wedding reception, in a color selected to
compliment the bridesmaids' gowns.  This lighting style creates a dramatic effect during an evening event, especially when the
rest of the hall is darkened.