The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Grand Entrance

The Red Fern's
portico provides a
covered entrance,
allowing your
guests to enter the
main hall without
inconvenienced by
inclement weather.  
A separate entrance
to the smaller
meeting room
provides access to
that area, without
disturbing any event
underway in the
main hall.
An entrance at the
rear of the building
provides access via a
ramp, and brings
guests into the main
hall after passing
through a coat room,
to provide convenient
storage for outer
wear, umbrellas,
strollers, etc.
Warm Welcome

The natural wood siding and stonework visible to a guest upon approach to The Red Fern
alludes to the atmosphere that will be discovered within its doors.  More stone, massive
beams, and plenty of windows combine to provide a rustic atmosphere that is warm and
Glass Galore

12 large windows at
the end of the main
hall invite the
sunlight indoors,
while providing a
beautiful backdrop
for a head table at a
wedding reception.