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A sweet heart head table, a cake table with lights and
tule, ferns, flowers and fir garland can add those
special touches of creativity only limited by your
A centerpiece can be a candle or a cluster of them, a simple blossom or a gorgeous bouquet.  
Favorite poems, place cards, meeting agendas or menus describing the forthcoming meal
are often featured. They can also be edible - plates of cookies, arrangements of fruit, cut
vegetables or meat and cheese, or individual cakes.

Favorite choices often include floating candles, mirrors, wines available for guests to enjoy, or
small photographs provided for guests as mementos of the special occasion.
The tall, transparent
centerpiece allows guests to
enjoy roses at every table,
while still having an
unobstructed view of
everyone seated around the

Filling the base of the vase
could completely change the
look of the table by adding
color or textures to the scene.
The mantle and hearth featured
bouquets which included color accents
selected to complement the bridal party.  
Favorite family photos were enjoyed by
guests, while lit candles in the fireplace
cast a soft glow across the hearth.