The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Only Limited by Your Imagination
Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are the most basic
elements of an event at The Red Fern.  They
can be as elaborate, or as simple, as you
want.  A splash of color  for an accent, or a
rainbow of color in the table centerpiece, or a
simple monochromatic layout can be
customized for your occasion and budget.
This view from the balcony highlights the Main Hall, filled with round tables set for eight to ten
guests each, featuring  Orchid place settings, floor length linens and chair covers.  This
arrangement leaves an open area for dancing, while the main aisle invites guests to mingle,
and visually directs attention to the sweet hear bridal table in front of the wall of windows.  Not
seen in the photo were the gift table, a cookie table and the area occupied by the disc jockey.
In this photo, the sweet heart
bridal table, simply decorated
with a bouquet accented with
the colors of the bridal party,
provided intimate seating for
the bride and groom in a room
filled with their families and
In this photo, the metallic table runner provided the
simple, but bold splash of color to a table set entirely
in white.
The Rose table setting, while less elaborate,
reflects a classic choice, perfect for a lunch or
business gathering.   It includes silverware, white
linen napkins, and white linen table cloths.  

During wedding receptions, The Red Fern staff
will cut the cake, leaving it on a cake table for
guests to help themselves.

The Rose setting offers endless possibilities for
accents, centerpieces, place cards, appetizers,
or deserts.

The photos below highlight different looks
achieved with the Rose table setting through the
addition of optional colors in table linens..
For those who prefer a more
elaborate table setting, the Orchid
setting meets that need. In addition to
the basic silverware, white linen
napkins and table cloths, the Orchid
table setting includes bread plates,
coffee cups and saucers.  Each place
setting will also include either wine
and water glasses, or champagne
and water glasses.  We cut and serve
the cake at receptions.  

Colored linens and different fabrics
are often selected as additional
options and can completely change
the look of a table.