Treat Yourself to a Breakfast Buffet
at The Red Fern
The Red Fern offers a delicious breakfast
buffet in conjunction with wedding reception
rentals, as a scrumptious finale to a weekend
of wonderful memories.  Assemble your
friends and family on Sunday morning one
last time before the goodbyes are said,
offering all a chance to mix and mingle in a
more relaxed atmosphere.   Put your feet up
and  treat yourself to a new taste or prepare
a plate full of breakfast classics.

The breakfast buffet is also available with
rentals of the main hall or the Studio during
the week.  It can provide your meeting
attendees an opportunity to ease into the
day, and enjoy a great meal.

Please request more information, if you
would like to include a breakfast buffet as a
part of your rental of The Red Fern.