The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Inside the Red Fern - The Studio
Family Friendly, but Corporate

Comfortably accommodating 40 guests, The Studio is the perfect size  for a buffet to honor
a birthday milestone, or host a rehearsal dinner or celebrate the upcoming birth of a very
special new baby with a shower from family and friends.

With wireless Internet accessibility, a projector, screen and flip charts available, this room
also offers clients an alternative for off-site meetings or presentations, or simply expands
the conference room capabilities of small businesses.  Given the proximity of  The Red
Fern  to local hotels, it makes a convenient meeting site for out - of - town guests.  A
continental breakfast , breakfast or lunch buffet, and afternoon snacks and beverages
minimize the interruptions to maximize productivity of any gathering.
Using a simple, classic buffet table similar to the one above allows the staff at The Red Fern to
efficiently serve a hot meal with a quiet efficiency that provides a minimal intrusion to a corporate
meeting, but at the same time, provides a tasty alternative to the boring boxed lunch.
The photo below provides a glimpse of a more elaborate appetizer display.  In this case, The Studio offered a separate area for
the entertainment of guests prior to the arrival of the bridal party at a wedding reception.  The bride and groom chose to use
screens to separate the main hall from The Studio while wedding photos were taken in the main hall.  This use of The Studio
offers a comfortable alternative to entertain guests, particularly when a large number of guests are attending from out of town, or
inclement weather prohibits guests from mingling outdoors while waiting for the bridal party.