Rental Agreement for The Red Fern
While enjoying the facilities at The Red Fern, clients are  permitted to bring in their wedding
cake, cookies, chips and pretzels only.  All other food or beverages (both alcoholic and non-
alcoholic) must be purchased from The Red Fern.

  • The Main Hall rental fee is non-refundable and payment of 100% of the rental fee is
    due at the time that the hall is rented..
  • The Main Hall rental is $1,100.00 when the client also purchases an alcoholic
    beverage package.
  • The Main Hall rental is $1,500.00, if no alcoholic beverage package is purchased.  
    Soda is available at $7.00 per guest.
  • A gratuity charge equal to 18% of the invoice (excluding the hall rental fee) is added to
    the final invoice.
  • A 2.5% premium is added to invoices paid by credit card.

  • The final guest count is due two and one half weeks before the event.
  • Guests may be added up to two weeks before the event, but not deleted
  • Client final color selections for any accents and decorative colors are due eight weeks
    prior to the event.
  • Client menu selections are final one month prior to the event.
  • Payment of the total invoice (with the exception of the Main Hall rental) is due two
    weeks before the event.
  • If there is no event scheduled at The Red Fern on the day prior to your wedding, you
    may decorate on that day.
  • If the client elects to provide cookies, chips or pretzels to be eaten at the reception, the
    staff of The Red Fern will arrange these cookies on trays and display them on one
    designated table, at no extra charge.  

Main Hall/The Studio rental fee (maximum rental period of six hours)  _________________

Meal price _____________________________________________________

Gratuity (added to the entire invoice) _____________________________

6% sales tax (added to invoice)___________________________

The Studio rental is an additional $150.00 ___________________________

Alcohol Option _________________________________________________

    Guests under age 21 ______________________________________

    Champagne ______________________________________________

Approximate number of guests_________________________________

Table Setting Options
  • Rose - Option I:  Tables are set with the following: silverware, white linen tablecloths
    and white linen napkins.  We cut the cake and place on a table for guests to help
    themselves.  There is no additional cost for this option.
  • Orchid - Option II:  In addition to those components of the Rose package, the Orchid
    table setting includes bread plates, coffee cups and saucers.  Each place setting will
    also include either wine and water glasses, or champagne and water glasses.  We cut
    and serve the cake.   The cost is an additional $5.00 per place setting.

The rental fees include white skirting for the gift, cake and appetizer tables.  Also supplied, at
no additional charge, is white skirting for a bridal table seating a maximum of ten (10) people.  
If there are more than 10 members of  the wedding party seated at the bridal table, including
the bride and groom, the additional charge is $1.50 per each additional foot of table length.

Rose Option   _____________________        Orchid Option  _______________________

Additional White Table Skirting at Bridal Table _____________________________

Additional Decorative Table Options

Long table linens… priced is based on length and fabric of table linens ________________

Napkins, colored linen ($0.55 each or based on supplier price) _____________________

Colored Overlay (prices quoted upon request) _________________

Chair covers with bows ($6.00/each) _________________________

Champagne flutes ($0.45 each) _____________________________

Mirrors for centerpieces ($0.50 each) _________________________

Additional centerpieces available___________________

Beverage Options

Additional coffee/tea available prior to, and after, the meal has been served --$60.00  _______

Additional bars (other than the main bar) $150.00 each  _____________________

The services of two bartenders are included .  If required, additional bartenders are $15.00 per
hour per bartender.  __________________


The Red Fern is not responsible for any items remaining in the building following the
reception.  The Red Fern is not responsible for damage to any vehicle in the parking lot.

Due to continuous fluctuations in cost, prices on all of the above are subject to change without

Prices are guaranteed for a maximum of three months prior to the schedule event.

The Red Fern has explained the above selections and conditions to my satisfaction.



Name___________________ _____________________

Date of event:___________________________

Security Deposit

Paid___________ _Method of Payment__________________

Hall Rental Paid_____________Remaining___________________

The Red Fern:


Agreement to Rent the Facilities at The Red Fern
for a Wedding Reception