The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Inside the Red Fern - Our Main Banquet Hall
The first thing that guests notice after entering
The Red Fern through the portico is the
impressive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace
with its massive wood mantle.
Tastefully trimmed for the season, a 12'
Christmas tree is a central focus of the
decorations, welcoming guests to holiday
parties.  The unique elk antler lighting fixtures
are a tribute to The Red Fern's location in Elk
Scenic Overlook

An expansive balcony overlooks the
main hall, providing additional seating,
or an area to be screened off as a
dressing area, or a point of a dramatic
entry down the staircase for weddings
held at The Red   The bar area is
located directly beneath the balcony.
Best Seat in the House?

In order to accommodate a wedding expecting approximately 100 guests, the chairs are
initially arranged to form a main aisle for the ceremony, and they will be moved to surround the
tables immediately after the ceremony.
Square and round
tables can be
inter-mixed in the
main hall to
accommodate groups
of varying sizes when
seating is assigned.  
Long, narrow tables
are also available, to
provide seating when
all guests are focused
on a particular
speaker, or the head
table, for seminars, or
corporate or civic
Colored overlays
are available for
the tables to
complement a
desired color
scheme for your
special event, or
provide an
holiday accent.
The rear wall of the balcony is mirrored, reflecting the
light, and creating a more expansive feel for the balcony.  
The balcony can comfortably seat approximately 40