The Red Fern Photo Gallery
Design Ideas
The Orchid - Just a Touch More

This table reflects the Orchid wedding
reception  table setting option, including
silverware, white linen tablecloths and
napkins.  It also includes bread plates,
coffee cups and saucers and a choice
of wine and water glasses or
champagne and water glasses.

This particular table is also accented by
the floor-length table cloth, pink overlaid
table cloth, chair covers, centerpieces
featuring fresh pink tulips and pink
candles at each place setting.
Windows to the World

The expanse of 15 windows
at the end of the Main Hall
provides a scenic back drop
for the bridal table, or the
main table at any gathering.
For Those Who Dream in Color

Overlaid table cloths and chair covers are available in a variety of fabrics and colors to
compliment the hues of the bridal party or an accent shade of the group represented at the
gathering, or a seasonal theme.  Ask our staff about pricing and availability of accent colors
and fabrics.
The silver Orchid setting shown in
these photos did not include colored
table overlays, but proves that each
individual preference depicts its own
style and grace.
The Rose:  Clean
Lines, Classic

Set with white linen table
cloths and white linen
napkins, the Rose table
setting option (included
with the rental fee for The
Red Fern) reflects a
simple elegance that can
easily be accented  with
touches of color through
centerpieces, place cards
or favors.
Fruits, Flowers and

Sources of accent color are only
limited by ones imagination.  
Beautifully decorated and
tastefully presented, an
appetizer table like this one will
attract attention and provide an
extra spark of color to any layout
choice.  Flowers, ice sculptures,
chocolates, fountains, candles
or even towers of cookies can
create a focal centerpiece for
your special event.
Soft Lighting Adds a Special Touch
White lights in tulle fabric draped along the stairs and balcony compliment tables including
overlays, chair covers and pillar candle centerpieces.  Floral topiaries provided the final
decorative touches for this reception.
A Rustic Side
highlight the beauty
of The Red Fern's
massive stone