Punch Bowl

Punch (with Alcohol)                                                     $60.00 per bowl and $60.00 for each refill
Non-Alcoholic Punch                                                    $
33.00 per bowl and $33.00 for each refill

                         Open Bar

The final charges for the open bar invoice are determined by the final reservation guest
count. Depending on option chosen, the open bar consists of  basic hi-ball type drinks
made from Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Coconut Rum, Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Seagram’s
7, Black Velvet, Peach Schnapps, two types of domestic beer by the keg, mixers for drinks,
house wine and soda.  Clients can choose to have the bar open for either four or five
hours.  Included with options 2, 3, and 4, are Verdi Champagne for the head table to be
used as a toast for the bride and groom, along with Black Velvet and Peach Schnapps for
the bridal dance.

Option 1:  An all soda wedding                                                       $7.00 per person
                                                                                           plus $1,500 rental fee

Option 2:  A beer and soda wedding                                             $10.00 per person/5 hours
9.00 per person/4 hours

Option 3:  A beer, wine, and soda wedding                               $12.00 per person/5 hours
1.00 per person/4 hours

Option 4: A beer, wine, liquor and soda wedding                     $16.00 per person/5 hours
4.00 per person/4 hours

Under 21 (i.e. soda or juice from the open bar)                        $6.00 per person


Champagne for your guests                                                                                  $17.00 per bottle

             An 18% gratuity is added to the total bill.
The Red Fern Bar Pricing

The bar must close one-half hour prior to the end of the reception.

All receptions are limited to a maximum of six hours in length.

Cash bar is available at any time during the reception, with the exception of the last half-hour,
during which the cash bar is closed..

No pitchers are given out from the bar.

Any guest that provides alcohol to a minor will be asked to leave the premises.

Management has the right to refuse to serve alcohol to
anyone without proper ID.  This
includes members of the bridal party.

Management reserves the right to refuse to serve obviously inebriated guests.

****A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to change from a 4 hour bar to a 5 hour bar.  
The difference in price must be paid at the time the change is made. ****